About our fitness tracker challenge

At Shinfield St. Mary's C of E Junior School, we strive to provide our children with the best opportunities to improve their physical wellbeing. We promote healthy eating and living through our curriculum, as well as providing high quality Physical Education teaching.
By using fitness trackers, the children can monitor the number of steps they take and challenge themselves to improve on previously achieved targets. The aim is for all children to become more aware of the positive impact exercise has on their physical and emotional wellbeing.
The Department for Public Health England state that physical activity is associated with improved concentration levels, more positive social behaviour, such as being kind to class mates and attempting to resolve disputes, and children feeling liked by peers.
The Government have set up a number of initiatives over the past few years to tackle child obesity and healthy living. Change4Life is one such campaign in England and Wales that aims to get children and adults to Eat Well, Move More and Live Longer.
'Active children are happy children - they like to be running around and having fun. In fact, children aged 5 to 16 need to do at least 60 minutes of physical activity that gets their heart beating faster than usual. And they need to do it every day to burn off calories and prevent them storing up excess fat in the body which can lead to cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It also keeps their bones healthy and encourages muscle strength and flexibility.'
Step Up 4 Day Challenge
The 'Step Up 4 Day Challenge' is a whole school initiative that has been set up to run between Monday and Thursday every week. Two children from each class are selected by their class teacher to wear the fitness trackers for the duration of the school day, for 4 days. The number of steps the individual children complete over the week will be recorded and in Celebration Assemblies on Fridays, the winners of each class, year group and house (Piggott, Field, Durett and Hulme) will be announced.