School Games – Year 5 Netball and Year 5 Football

11th October 2017

Shinfield were invited once again to the Luckley House Netball Tournament in October and for the first time, their Football Tournament. Led by Mr Lincoln (school football coach), the year 5 team competed in the sunshine on the lush Luckley House grounds together for the first time this academic year. After a mixed set of results in the group stage, they fought their way through to the semi-final and eventually the final. After a tense 9 minutes, the game was still at 0-0, but a late goal by their opposition meant that they had less than 30 seconds after kick-off to tie the game 1-1. Watching from the side-line, Mr Lappin, the Shinfield netball team and a large observed an unbelievable turn of events. The ball was rolled back from kick-off to Thierry who struck the ball first time from within his own half and to everyone’s amazement, the ball flew like an arrow into the top corner. Scenes of jubilation followed as the final whistle blew…leading the penalties. Unfortunately it was not Shinfield’s day from the penalty spot, but they walked away proudly with a second place finish which was a testament to their hard work and perseverance.


Meanwhile, the year 5 netball team were competing on the courts alongside the field under the supervision of Mr Lappin. Like the football team, it was their first tournament playing together but they really stepped up to the mark and began the tournament with a strong win. They progressed through their group games with a full fixture card of wins, but were narrowly stopped in the semi-finals. Mr Lappin was proud to see the team working so fluidly together, which was heavily down to their commitment to learning marking tactics and using the correct shooting technique. They did not rely on one player to score all the points or make all the interceptions in the tournament, unlike most other schools, they all contributed equally and cancelled out each other’s potential weaknesses with great efficiency.


Thank you to the parents who watched and collected their children at the end of the two tournaments – it was great to see so much support!