School Games Wokingham New Age Kurling Tournament

15th March 2018

Last Thursday brought the return of the New Age Kurling Tournament that Shinfield have been so successful in over the past couple of years – last year’s Berkshire County Champions. This year, however, we sent two teams into the fray due to another school dropping out the night before the event (We are never short of willing children to represent the school at such short notice!).

Upon arrival at Bulmershe Leisure Centre, both teams were allowed to practise and it did not take long for all 8 children to get settled. Much to the delight of the children, both the ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams from Shinfield were placed in the same starting Pool which meant that they would have to play each other before the knockout rounds. With two experienced Kurling boys from Year 6 fronting the ‘A’ team, the tournament began with some incredibly accurate stones being thrown by both Shinfield teams.

Topping their group, the ‘A’ team progressed into the knockout rounds whilst the ‘B’ team, who came fourth in the group, were moved to another Pool. Unfortunately, this was the furthest that the ‘A’ team went. It was an agonisingly close finish but Shinfield’s decision-making and tactics with the stones in hand proved to be their downfall. It was a fourth place finish for the ‘A’ team but many of the team walked away determined to come back stronger next year and reclaim the New Age Kurling title!