Wokingham School Games Hockey Tournament Year 5/6

14th March 2019

On Thursday 14th March, Shinfield St. Mary’s entered two Year 5/6 teams into the annual hockey tournament at Sonning Hockey Club. Normally, schools are only allowed to enter one team per sport but due to a school pulling out at the last minute, Shinfield were on hand to bring along a second team. The majority of the children had never set foot on a purpose-built hockey pitch before, let alone played on one so it was a new experience for most. The two Shinfield teams were placed in the same Pool as each other and the first game was against each other! The umpire said that he expected it to be “a nice, casual start to the tournament” but it soon became clear that he could not be more wrong as the competitive spirit was rife across both teams. Leaving the Pool matches, both teams scored the largest amount of goals ever recorded for a Shinfield team and the ‘A’ team narrowly progressed through into the knockout stages only beating the ‘B’ team by a point. They unfortunately lost 1-0 in the semi-finals but went on to win the 3rd-4th playoff match, resulting in a first-ever hockey medal for Shinfield St. Mary’s!


At the end of the tournament, the organisers asked for a show of hands to see which children played for a hockey club outside of school. Looking around, the Shinfield children noticed that every child from the knockout-stage schools was a member of a hockey club. This showed them how big their acheivement at winning their bronze medals was and gave them hope that they more than held their own against some vastly more experienced hockey players. Mr Lappin puts this down to their commitment during lunch time practices leading up to the tournament and a steely determination that they can beat ANYONE they face. There are no limits to success!


Mr Lappin would like to thank the parents for travelling all the way to Sonning Hockey Club to collect their children - Shinfield St. Mary’s are lucky to have such supportive parents. A special thank you to the Lamping family for taking Mr Lappin back to school as he realised that he did not have a means of getting back to his car!