Year 3/4 Tri-Tournament

6th November 2018

Yesterday, Shinfield St. Mary’s entered the first ever tri-tournament involving Shinfield St. Mary’s, Nine Mile Ride and Willow Bank. Four 7-a-side teams made their way to the tri-tournament: Year 3 girls, Year 3 boys, Year 4 girls and Year 4 boys. As it was the first time a tri-tournament had been set up between the three schools, the children were very excited at the prospect of representing their school. Mr Knight and Mr Lappin, with the help of Shinfield Rangers FC coach Mr Eastmond-Bye, were in attendance and were blown away by the effort levels all the children showed. All four teams played with smiles on their faces and the results were hugely positive – unbeaten over seven of the eight matches played. Mr Lappin was extremely pleased to see so many Year 3 and 4 children, who have never represented the school, competing so well against tough opposition. Training sessions with Mrs Lawless and Mr Knight for the girls has clearly paid off! Mr Lappin would like to thank all the parents who transported their children to and from the tournament, as well as staying to watch in the wind and rain!