Year 5 Curriculum Cycling

15th May 2018

For the past 5 weeks, Year 5 have been very lucky to have the opportunity to develop their cycling skills during a series a coached curriculum cycling lessons. British Cycling Go-Ride Coach for the Central Region, Graham MacNamee, brought along a trailer full of 18 bicycles and helmets each week, allowing some children (and staff!) from each year group, who did not own a bicycle, to engage in the lessons. Assisted by the Lloyd Watkins, Lead Coach for Sprokets Cycle Club, they were both able to extend the more competent riders whilst giving confidence and tips to the less confident riders. It was fantastic to see how quickly the Year 5 children took to the lessons and before long, it was clear to see that the school had some very talented riders!


The final week with Graham and Lloyd was the highlight for many of the children – and for all the right reasons! A course was set up on the school field using the trees in the grounds as obstacles to test the children’s technical ability, as well as tight corners for undertaking and long straights to test their flat speed. Each child competed in their house colours which added an extra edge to the races! A sprint, followed by an endurance race was run between the houses and their individual points were taken forward into the afternoon finals. A cycling ‘buzz’ around the school grew throughout the day under the blistering sunshine and it did not take long for rivalries to spring up, along with team tactics between house teammates.


At lunchtime, Graham and Lloyd very kindly allowed the Year 6 children to race the course as they had been revising for their SATs exams all morning. It was a much needed break for the children and quite understandably, did not want to stop riding when the whistle went for the end of lunchtime!


The afternoon finals for the Year 5 children allowed them to race against similarly talented riders and it was great to see the grit and purpose etched in the faces of the riders as they sped past the HSBC Go-Ride scoring tent.


Once the final race had been completed, the top three boys and top three girls were crowned champions in front of their peers and parents, a real celebration of our school values – determination, inclusion, respect and enjoyment.