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2, Implementation

All pupils receive one hour of high-quality music teaching per week. This is delivered through a weekly singing practice and classroom lessons. Teachers are supported by the Subject Leader and Charanga Scheme which is the main scheme used and responds to the national requirements for musical education.

Singing is at the heart of our music at Shinfield St Mary’s; there is a waiting list for the School Choir. It is central to the scheme, placed in every lesson. Proven to exercise the brain as well as the body, it is particularly beneficial for improving breathing, posture and muscle tension.

Oracy is a key aspect of classroom practice which provides pupils with opportunities to deepen their understanding through dialogue with teachers and peers. Understanding of the interrelated dimensions of music (pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, texture, timbre, structure) will be developed through fun, practical activities. Children will be encouraged to listen and appreciate different forms of music and will be able to respond appropriately when discussing how the music makes them feel. Through exposure to a range of music from different genres and cultures, children will be able to explain the roots of music and make comparisons across pieces of music.

During lessons, children are expected to be reflective and evaluate their own and others’ performances through feedback.  Children are encouraged to take influence from existing pieces of music and explain the choices they have made during improvisation and composition lessons.

Group work forms a key part of each lesson and children will be expected to show the school values as well as cooperation and respect when rehearsing and performing in a group. Children will learn the importance of taking different roles within a group and learn to follow musical direction.

Opportunities are given for children to take part in performances as part of curricular and extra-curricular learning such as performing in productions, concerts and taking part with the school choir.