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2, Implementation

Over their time at Shinfield pupils have the opportunity to engage in many different Geographical concepts both human and physical. Each year through linking our learning closely with the Geographical associations recommended schemes of learning, we ensure that pupils are exposed to a high quality teaching, backed up with expert subject knowledge, and vocabulary. We feel it is important that over the space of the school year children have a greater understanding about current and contemporary issues in society and the environment. Through working closely with the GA we are able to ensure the learning that takes place in each year group is tailored appropriately to their age. We use age related documentation to ensure the assessment of this subject is monitored effectively. All children regardless of attainment, background and previous experience have access to the content of the curriculum, by adapting the delivery of each session as appropriate. Opportunities for training and development of staff are ongoing, with the registration of obtaining the quality mark for this subject another way of focussing and improving the way we deliver this subject area. Throughout their time at Shinfield the pupils will have opportunities to engage with the world around them, and experience elements of the curriculum in the real world through experiences and trips.

In Year 3 through their Shinfield topic they use fieldwork skills to observe, measure, record and present the human and physical features in their local area. They use a range of methods, including creating sketch maps, drawing plans and graphs, and engaging with digital technologies such as Digi maps.

In year 4 they delve into the world of human geography by looking into our impact on the world around us, focussing on links to fair trade and how the distribution of natural resources and food has an impact upon us and the world around us.

In year 5 through our rivers topic, there is an opportunity for the pupils to use fieldwork in order to observe, measure, and record the speed of the river Pang. There is also the opportunity to explore the variety of living organisms in the river and surrounding fields as well as learning about the importance of bees, through observing and learning about a live colony.


In Year 6 their topic of mountains is brought to life through the opportunity of immersing themselves for a week in Wales. A contrasting location gives the pupils the chance to explore mountains through their visit to Rhos-y-Gwaliau. Pupils are able to explore mine shafts, and caves, as well as gorges, rivers and ultimately mountains themselves, as they become immersed in a week of outdoor adventures and experiences.