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2. Implementation


At every opportunity in science lessons, our children are given the opportunity to explore and question how the world around them works and to experience and lead different types of scientific enquiry. In every year group, science teaching takes place in two hour lessons every week; it involves making links and developing a questioning approach to all topics. From year three to year six the children will be given the opportunity to develop their scientific knowledge and skills through imaginative and thought provoking topics> By the end of Year 6, children will have covered all Key Stage 2 Science topics. 


Science subjects are revisited during every pupil’s journey through Shinfield St Mary’s Junior School in a variety of ways in order to allow an opportunity to apply and build on previously learnt skills and develop a progression of knowledge and skills. Experiencing science in action is key to both children’s knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm. We hold an bi-annual Science week in which every year group participates in investigations and workshops across a wide variety of scientific topics. In the past we have warmly invited visitors into the school,  to create a feeling of awe and wonder that science inspire: the children have thoroughly enjoyed visits from Owen’s animals and a mobile planetarium. 


At this school we appreciate the importance of technology now and in the future, acknowledging that our children will live and work in a very different environment to now. To this end, we ensure that our pupils are confident in using technology to record results and present their findings, whether that is by such aspects as developing a website, presenting a podcast or using data harvesters to record sound, temperature or light.