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British Values

The government set out its definition of British values in the 2011 Prevent Strategy, these are defined as: democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs. At Shinfield St Mary’s, we promote these values through our Christian vision as well as through the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development of our pupils. They are reinforced in a positive manner and are widespread in our school community.

British Values at Shinfield St Mary’s CE Junior School


Children are given the opportunity to put themselves forward and to vote on some of the key responsibilities in the school such as House Captains and school council representatives. Mock elections enable candidates to present their views in a persuasive way and for the voters to listen and evaluate who they feel will deliver their promises the most effectively.

Democracy is woven into the Autumn term through our first Big question of the year, What can we achieve in a group? The concept of society and democracy is revisited through the Early Britons, Vikings, Anglo Saxons, Romans the Greeks and the Shang Dynasty.

The children’s voice is evident through the school with involvement in recruitment, charity events and our Eco cause. Children are encouraged to exercise courageous advocacy to issues that they feel need to be acted upon.

The Rule of Law

In September each class will discuss the importance of rules within the school and contribute to a shared set of class rules and E safety rules.  The high expectations around behaviour, uniform and conduct are presented to children through the Easy Code. These Pro social skills enable children to comply with the rules that keep the whole community safe and happy

Visits from the Emergency Services reinforce the positive impact laws and rules have in society and prepare children to respect authority.

Explicit teaching around the value of rules feature most commonly within the context of PE, RE and PSHE However more general debates and discussions add to the children’s understanding.

Individual Liberty

The school promotes freedom of choice and the right to respectfully voice views and beliefs.

Where appropriate children are given options and choice over many parts of the school day.

We encourage children to understand their rights and personal freedoms and teach them to be safe within this for example within the context of Esafety and PSHE. Through PSHE and collective worship children are presented with individuals from different places and times who may not take this freedom for granted.

We celebrate festivals from all major religions so children are aware of diversity in beliefs and we encourage children to have an age appropriate understanding of world views.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs

At Shinfield St Mary’s Junior School our vision underpins the celebration of diversity in all its forms. Our children are taught to embrace finding out more about each other’s cultures and to think as global citizens.

Within our curriculum stories of success of people from a whole range of backgrounds and precolonial civilisations are presented to challenge our children’s preconceived ideas and stereotypes.

Each year we enjoy Black History Month and Anti Bullying week, and we highlight a range of festivals within collective worship. We encourage our children to share their knowledge about their cultures and to incorporate traditions, stories and faith within their learning across the curriculum.

Our RE curriculum is broad and balanced to incorporate a range of different faith, religions and cultures. Discussions in RE are framed with respect and mutual tolerance.

We have high expectations for all, and we pride ourselves on our inclusivity. We aim to recruit staff to reflect our diverse school.

Our fundraising efforts including our links with a school in Southern India encourage empathy and respect.