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Our Staff


Mrs Philippa Chan - Headteacher

Office Staff

Mrs Fiona Eames -School secretary

Mrs Gill Ogden - School secretary

Miss Clare Payne - School business manager


Year 3

Mr Paul Arnold -SENCO, Year 3 lead and class teacher

Miss Jenny Brown - Class teacher

Mrs Sharon Meredith - Teaching assistant


Miss Stephanie Latham - Class teacher

Mrs Gemma Little - Teaching assistant 

Miss Natalie Sherman - Learning support assistant


Mrs Jessica Pinyoun - Class teacher

Mrs Jo-Ann Turner - Class teacher

Mrs Courtney Bailey - Teaching assistant

Miss Natalie Sherman - Learning support assistant

Year 4

Miss Corinne Bullen - Assessment Lead, Year 4 Leader and Class Teacher

Mrs April Suarez- Teaching assistant


Mrs Sarah Bright - Class teacher

Mrs Lucy Reynolds - Teaching assistant

Miss Ebony Earl - Learning support assistant

Mrs Anna Kowalik -Learning support assistant


Mr Chris Bright - Class teacher

Mrs Rachel Walker - Teaching assistant and Nurture assistant


Year 5

Miss Sophy Olive - Class teacher

Mrs Hayley Leslie -Teaching assistant

Mrs Zainab Ahmed - Learning support assistant

Mrs Naima Zeeshan- Learning support assistant


Miss Amy Gray - Class teacher

Mrs Hayley Leslie- Teaching assistant

Peregrine Falcons

Mrs Samantha Lawless - Deputy head, Year 5 Lead, Class teacher

Mrs Elizabeth Ganpatsingh- Class teacher

Miss Rosy Simkin - Learning support assistant

Mrs Gemma Little -Learning support assistant

Michelle Bastow - Teaching assistant

Year 6

Mrs Laura Delgado - Class teacher

Mrs Jo-Ann Turner - Class teacher

Mrs Nicky Bray - Teaching assistant and Nurture assistant

Golden Eagles

Mrs Alison Pill - Class teacher

Mr Matt Knight - Ecology and sustainability Lead and Class Teacher

Mrs Debbie Neal - Teaching assistant

Mrs Naima Zeeshan - Learning support assistant


Mr Jack Smith - Year 6 lead and Class teacher 

Mrs Amanda Patton - Teaching assistant

Miss Michelle Pieper - Learning support assistant

Miss Rosy Simkin - Learning support assistant

Cover Teachers

Mrs Lee Urquhart

Mrs Elizabeth Ganpatsingh